Are You Getting the Help You Need?

Caregiving has its simple moments, but there are times it’s pretty difficult, too. At some point, you’re going to realize that you could use some help and its nowhere to be found. There are a lot of reasons that can be the case and some of those reasons involve how you approach getting help.


Senior Care in McLean VA: Caregiver Assistance

Senior Care in McLean VA: Caregiver Assistance


Don’t Wait Until You Really Need Help Immediately

One of the worst things you can do to yourself in this situation is to wait until you absolutely need help yesterday. That’s going to leave you fumbling for help that may not be available. If you plan ahead and get help before you’re desperate for it, you’ve got a better chance of getting what you need and not being as overwhelmed. This takes some effort to do and you need to make sure you’re willing, to be honest with yourself and with others.


Don’t Minimize What You Need

If you’re minimizing what you need and what you have to have in order to be a successful caregiver, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s much better, to be honest about your needs. That’s going to be a better way for you to actually get what you need from friends and family members. Don’t feel bad for asking for help, either. Everyone needs help in various situations, even the people who seem to have everything together.


Be Very Clear and Specific about Your Needs

Alongside not minimizing your needs, you need to make sure you’re clear on what they are. There’s a lot that needs to be done and that’s a big part of caregiving. But when you’re overwhelmed, it’s not always easy to express what you need. Get some paper and a pencil and start making a list. From that first brainstormed list you can start drilling down and getting more and more specific about what has to get done.


Think about Hiring Experts

What do you do when you need something done right? You probably go to the experts in various fields. When it comes to caregiving, senior care providers are the experts you might need the most. They can handle way more than you might expect and you can even take time away from caregiving so that you can regain your balance.


Don’t let yourself linger in that space where you simply don’t have enough help to get everything accomplished. Take the time to get really clear about your needs and then figure out what you need to do first in order to have those needs met.


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Michelle DeFilippis