Do Your Parents Face More Challenges When They Live in a Rural Community?

In a poll completed by several organizations, 2.5 million older adults admitted they have no close friends or family to rely on. The concern is that those adults all live in rural communities. Another 14 million say they only have a few people who can help out.


Home Care in Arlington VA: Rural Community Challenges

Home Care in Arlington VA: Rural Community Challenges



For older adults who live in rural communities, there are additional concerns. These are some of the areas where problems arise.


Older Homes

Newer construction pops up everywhere, but often it’s concentrated to suburbs. Housing in a rural community may be older. The upkeep can be costly. Plus, the cost of heating a home in a rural area is going to be higher. It’s unlikely that natural gas is available when your parents are in a rural community.

Your mom and dad will pay for propane, kerosene, or oil instead. It takes up more of their fixed income in the winter months, which makes it harder to keep up with other bills.


Slower Emergency Response

Emergency services are often farther away. Studies find that in a rural area, it can take up to 26 minutes for help to arrive after a call to 911. While the median emergency response is just under 15 minutes, 1 out of 10 calls takes up to half an hour. That can be alarming if your parent is alone and waiting for help.


Health Professional Shortages Are Common

In rural areas, there tend to be a select number of medical professionals. Some communities see a reduced number of doctors outside of the city. Rural areas may see shortages. For your mom or dad to go to the doctor, it can require a drive into the city. If your parent isn’t comfortable with city driving or longer trips, transportation services are necessary.


Families and Young Adults Are Leaving for Better Opportunities

With younger adults and families leaving communities in search of better job opportunities, it’s increasing isolation and loneliness for some older adults in rural communities. You’re likely one of them. You live farther from your parents now, so it’s harder to visit more than a few times a year.


Caregivers Can Help With Socialization

While it can be harder for older adults to remain social and avoid isolation in a rural community, it doesn’t have to be impossible. You can have caregivers stop in each day or a few times a week to provide opportunities for your parents to go out and socialize. Companionship and transportation services aid rural seniors. Call a home care agency to learn more about caregivers and their rates.


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Michelle DeFilippis