What’s Really Effective at Stopping Wandering With Alzheimer’s?

Not every person who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease will wander.

For those that do, it is one of the most disheartening symptoms. You never know when your parent may wake up and wander out of the house. When that does happen, there is the chance of that person vanishing forever. You want to stop wandering, but you don’t know how to start.


Elderly Care in McLean VA: Wandering

Elderly Care in McLean VA: Wandering


Is Wandering Really That Common?

How common is wandering? About 60 percent of people with Alzheimer’s start wandering. It’s a symptom that often appears in the late stages, but it can happen at any time. It’s a case of the person going for a walk and forgetting how to get back home. Sometimes, enough memories return to help that person get back home, but there are cases where the person disappears.


Can You Tell if It’s About to Happen?

It’s hard to know if or when wandering will begin. Take your mom or dad out. When you pull into the driveway, does your parent make a comment about this not being his or her house? That’s one sign that wandering is becoming a risk.

Has your parent talked about needing to get to work, but you know your mom or dad retired years ago? That’s another sign that wandering could be a risk.

You’re with your dad at his house, and he talks about wanting to go home. Despite telling him this is his home, he’s becoming agitated. That’s also a warning sign that wandering is a risk.


What Can Stop Wandering?

-If your mom or dad wanders, nothing is going to stop that behavior. You need to take preventative measures to keep your parent from leaving the house unnoticed. At night, there are alarms that go off if a person with Alzheimer’s leaves his or her bed or opens the bedroom door or window.

-Deadbolts installed in unusual locations can help with wandering. A sliding deadbolt at the very top of a door frame or at ground level are the two best places. You could use a shower curtain rod to keep a sliding glass door from opening. Alarms on all exterior doors and windows also help.

-Before wandering starts, supervision is needed. You can’t skip sleep. Home care services are one way to ensure someone is able to keep an eye on your mom or dad while you’re at work or getting enough sleep. Schedule caregiver services by calling a home care agency now.


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