5 Ways an Elder Care Aide Can Help Relieve Stress

Are you an independent adult that cares for an elderly relative? As a family caregiver, you have a lot of responsibility making sure your loved one is healthy, happy and safe. However, when seniors suffer from the effects of aging, their needs grow accordingly. Whether your aging family member struggles with a chronic illness like arthritis, experienced a sudden change of health like a stroke or has developed an age-related condition like dementia, it can be a real challenge to provide them with the care they need.

Elder Care in Arlington VA

Elder Care in Arlington VA: Stress Relief

The good news is that both you and your dependent senior can really benefit from an elder care assistant. An elder care assistant can come into the senior’s home can do whatever tasks you all agree on. In this way, you get some respite from your caregiving duties to tend to other important things like your job or your children. Your elderly loved one also benefits because they have a dependable person there to help them consistently. There’s no doubt that an elder care aide can help relieve your caregiving stress.

Here are 5 ways that an elder care aide can help keep your stress levels low:

1. Light Housework

If your elderly relative struggles to get the housework done and you simply don’t have the time, an elder care assistant can step in. The aide can pitch in and do laundry, vacuum, dust and clean dishes. Most elder care agencies have a list of what an assistant may be used for with regards to light housework. You’ll definitely have peace of mind knowing that your elderly relative’s home is clean and sanitary and that the work is not waiting for you to complete.

2. Grooming and Hygiene

Among the challenges of many age-related conditions is that it becomes harder for elderly adults to bathe, dress and groom themselves. A senior care assistant is trained to help seniors accomplish these tasks and step in as necessary so they can enjoy the benefits. Poor hygiene in seniors can lead to medical and social problems.

3. Groceries and Meal Prep

Too many seniors have a poor diet and may even become malnourished. It’s no wonder their nutrition levels can plummet. An elder care aide can shop and prepare meals as needed so the elderly adult has plenty of good things to eat.

4. Transportation

When they lose the ability to drive, an elderly adult becomes entirely dependent on others for transportation needs. With certain agencies, elder care aides can drive seniors to appointments, social activities at the senior center and other specially arranged events.

5. Companionship

Sometimes elderly adults with chronic conditions don’t socialize much and need someone to come in and check on them regularly. Others may be dealing with mild to medium dementia and should not be left alone. Regardless of the reason, an elder care aide is an ideal companion for an aging adult in their home.

It’s easy to see how an elder care assistant can really help your elderly relative stay more independent. At the same time, they fill in for you when you can’t be there. Knowing that your relative is well-cared for is a huge stress reliever and helps you stay happy and healthy, too.

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Michelle DeFilippis