Four Tricks to Free up Some Time as a Caregiver

One of the things you might miss the most as a caregiver is even a small amount of time with which you could finish a specific task or even do nothing. But is it really possible to free up some of your time?


Caregiver in McLean VA: Free up Some Time

Caregiver in McLean VA: Free up Some Time


Automate What You Can

Modern life forces you to keep up with a lot of stuff. Some of that stuff might be things you can automate, like some of your bills. If your budget is tight, automating large bills can be a little scary, but you can try this with small bills that tend to fall through the cracks. Look for other things in your life that you can automate, like prescription refills and other routine tasks.


Use Technology Whenever Possible

Technology gets a bad reputation in some respects, but it’s got a lot of positives, too. Whenever you can, lean on technology. One way to make your life easier with technology is to use an online calendar to manage your appointments. You can include your senior’s schedule, too, and then access the calendar on the go or from your computer. You can also share the calendar with other family members who might be able to give you a hand more readily when they see when you’re most in need.


Keep a Notebook on You

As much as technology can make your life easier, you can’t beat good old fashioned pen and paper, either. Keep a notebook on you so that you can jot things down. You never know when you’ll remember something or need to write down a piece of information for later. Keep a running task list in your notebook and you’ll have a way to hand off tasks to other people.


Learn How to Delegate

Speaking of handing off tasks, if you’re not delegating, you should be. It’s vital that you learn how to assign some tasks to other people and then let them take care of those tasks. If asking for help is hard for you to do, know that you’re not alone. Most people need to learn how to reach out for help and then let people help them. With practice, it gets much easier.

As you start to look for ways to free up some of your time as a caregiver you can start to put that time toward other issues. One of the best ways to use some time you have freed up is on yourself. Go do something just for you so that you can come back to caregiving with a fresh slate.


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Michelle DeFilippis