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How to Support Your Aging Loved One’s Love of Books

Caregiver in Fairfax VA: Tips for Seniors Who Like to Read

Caregiver in Fairfax VA: Tips for Seniors Who Like to Read

No matter what someone’s age is, feeding the mind is just as important as feeding the body. Books are an affordable and interesting hobby for the elderly, and all the different genres can entertain like nothing else. Reading books also provides some amazing benefits for seniors, such as delaying the onset of memory loss and dementia. If your aging loved one really enjoys books but has encountered some obstacles recently, there’s hope.

As a family caregiver, you can do a lot of things to support your aging loved one’s love of books and reading. Whether it’s making adjustments to the size of the print or facilitating opportunities for seniors to commit to reading certain books, family caregivers really do have lots of influence on helping their aging loved ones enjoy reading as a pastime.


Here are 5 ideas to help your aging loved one who love books:

1. Magnifiers

These handy devices are essentially giant magnifying lenses that enlarge regular-sized print in books and magazines so seniors don’t have to strain their eyes to read them. The magnifiers can be attached to flexible arms that bend or they can be part of a book support to help seniors manage volumes better. Some even come with lights to brighten the contrast on the pages.

2. Large Print Books and Magazines

Sometimes seniors just need an adjustment to the print size, and that’s what makes large print books and magazines so appealing. Many classics are reprinted with large print, and lots of libraries have specific sections for large print books and periodicals. It’s also easy to order large print items online and have them shipped to your elderly loved one’s door.

3. Audiobooks

Weakening vision is one obstacle that many seniors face, but if they have an audiobook, they can enjoy just about any genre of book without straining their eyes. With so many electronic devices that play downloaded files, it’s just a matter of teaching your elderly loved one how to get books and listen to them. You can find audiobooks online or check out CDs from the local library. The best part about audiobooks is that your elderly loved one can do other things while listening, such as hobbies or cooking.

4. Senior Book Clubs

Whether it’s in person at the library or book store or held online, being part of a book club can provide reading goals for the elderly. Not only does it introduce new books to them, they can participate in discussions about plot, characters and climaxes. Discussing books online may be challenging for some, but everyone benefits from joining up with a book club.

5. Tablets and Electronic Readers

Seniors can step in to the 21st century when they get all their books on an electronic reader. Because of the high contrast screens, the easy-to-hold slim size and the adjustable font options, these modern readers can quickly become a favorite option for seniors.


When your aging loved one enjoys reading, it’s important for family caregivers like you to help them figure out ways to keep that passion alive. While a few complications shouldn’t distract them from reading, it’s all too common for physical conditions to push books aside. With planning and education, you can keep your aging loved one reading for a very long time.

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Michelle DeFilippis

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