Why is Heart Rate Important?

Elder Care in Fairfax VA: Heart Rate Importance

Elder Care in Fairfax VA: When your aging relative goes to the doctor, they likely have several routine checks, such as blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate.

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Tips for Encouraging Your Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease to Bathe Regularly

Elderly Care in Fairfax VA: Senior Bathing and Alzheimer's

Elderly Care in Fairfax VA: Elderly adults living with Alzheimer’s disease may resist bathing, or may not bathe as frequently as they should. This can be for a variety of reasons, including not understanding why they need to bathe, not knowing how frequently they need to bathe, or feeling fear or anxiety related to bathing.

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Home Care – Food Allergies in the Elderly

Elder Care in Fairfax VA: Adult-Onset Allergies

Elder Care in Fairfax VA: Although this sounds bizarre, it is not uncommon for adults to find out at a later age that they are suddenly allergic to something that they weren’t allergic to when they were a child. This is called adult-onset allergies, and it is particularly prevalent in senior citizens.

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