FEBRUARY 17 – Six Ways to Surprise the Elderly During Random Acts of Kindness Day

The countdown is on to Random Acts of Kindness Day. This year, celebrate the day by surprising elderly men and women in your community. You spend a lot of time caring for your parents, but there are probably senior citizens who aren’t as lucky.


Senior Care in Vienna VA: Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Senior Care in Vienna VA: Random Acts Of Kindness Day


Here are six ways you can surprise elderly men and women within your community.

Bake Goodies for a Local Senior Community

Is there a senior community nearby? Some seniors do not see their families often. Some don’t have families at all. Call the community and see if you can make cookies or cupcakes for the residents. Many are happy to take donated treats, just make sure you adhere to any allergy guidelines the community director shares.

Donate Your Gently Used Books

Many seniors live on a tight budget after retirement. When they’re paying rent in a retirement community, the budget doesn’t stretch far. Many seniors stop buying items they feel are luxuries. If you have a retirement community nearby, donate your gently used books to the community’s library.

Host a Random Acts of Kindness Dinner Party

Hold a dinner party for seniors you know in your community. Everyone could bring a homemade gift to exchange as they make friends and enjoy an evening out. Get your friends and family members to chip in ingredients and help you in the kitchen. If you’re good at organization and persuading others to help, you could turn the event into a grand event with inexpensive door prizes you pick up from area stores.

Surprise a Senior With a Meal

Go out for lunch on Random Act of Kindness Day. Scan the room for an elderly person who is dining out. Let your waiter know that you’d like to pay for that person’s meal. Stick around to see the smile on that senior’s face if you want. You might spark them to do the same for someone else.

Wheel Out Their Trash and Recycling

In cold weather, sidewalks and driveways build up ice and snow. For a senior citizen, packed snow increases the risk of a fall. If you have a senior in your neighborhood, stop by, introduce yourself, and offer to wheel out their trash and recycling bins.

Arrange and Pay for a Month of Senior Care

Put your parents on the receiving end of one of your random acts of kindness. If you know there are areas where they struggle, such as laundry or meals, hire a senior care aide for a few hours each week. Do a month-long trial and see what your parents think. If they enjoy it, you can help them make it a permanent feature. Call a senior care agency to discuss prices.

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