Creative Fall Activities For Seniors

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Is there anything more exciting than the changing seasons? The blazing hot sizzle of summer is slowly being replaced by the refreshing chill of autumn. Leaves are changing color and fluttering away from their hosts. The joyful anticipation of the coming holiday season is just starting to build.

For many home care elders, it’s also a creative time of year. Time to put up all the decorations and mementos they like to share with their loved ones. It’s also a great time of year to spend time together and create new things to cherish. Below are some fun crafting ideas for seniors and their caregivers to try out this fall!


Perfect Pine-cone Presents

These coniferous seeds are an amazing medium for crafting! You can paint and arrange them into a fancy new door wreath. Glue on felt shapes and googly eyes to make cute little animals (like hedgehogs!), or adorable hanging decorations. They also make great bird feeders, just attach a string, cover them in peanut butter, then roll them in birdseed and hang outside! What’s more, gathering pine-cones is a great way to get in-home care seniors out for some fresh fall air!

Tips and Tricks – When using pine-cones from outside, be sure to bake them first to get rid of any sneaky bugs that may be hiding inside. All you have to do is place pine-cones in a 200 degree oven for 45 minutes. They’ll be ready to use the moment they’ve cooled off!


Amazing Apple Art

Beside pumpkins, apples are one of the defining tastes and smells of autumn. They make excellent crafts too! Hollow out apples enough to place a votive candle inside, then place on a personally decorated stand for a great centerpiece display. Create a delicious-smelling wreath or potpourri using spiced, baked apple slices. Use candy, felt, and paint to create funny apple face decorations, Mr. Potato Head style!

Tips and Tricks – Use lemon juice to keep the inside of apples from turning brown as you work. The acid protects the sensitive flesh from getting oxidized by the air!


Fabulous Fall Foods

Speaking of delicious fall tastes, the season wouldn’t be complete without heaps of tasty food! Turn mealtime into a creative experience with personally decorated cakes and cookies. Use in-season fruits and veggies to really get in the spirit. And don’t forget to use the lovely decorations you’ve made to really spruce up the dinner table!

Tips and Tricks – Check out farmer’s markets for the best fall produce in your area. It’s a great way to support local farmers and another excellent way to get seniors out of the house!


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Christmas… in May? (Bake the bugs out of your pinecones!)