Is Your Senior at Particular Risk for Contracting a Hospital Acquired Infection?

Approximately one out of every 10 people who are admitted to the hospital in the United States will contract what is known as a hospital-acquired infection.

This type of infection is contracted due to germs and contaminants in the hospital setting and can be very dangerous for your aging loved one. Common forms of such infections include pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and surgical site infections. While anyone who is admitted to the hospital could contract such an infection, there are some risk factors that increase the potential for your parent to develop them. Understanding these risk factors can help you better monitor your senior, and reduce the risk that they will experience an infection.


Homecare in McLean VA: Hospital Acquired Infection

Homecare in McLean VA: Hospital Acquired Infection


Some risk factors that may increase the chances your parents will contract hospital-acquired infection include:

-Being in the intensive care unit, or spending an extended time in the ICU

-An extended hospital stay

-Sharing a room with someone who is suffering an infection, particularly one such as pneumonia

-Being over the age of 70

-Personal history of frequent antibiotic use

-Having a urinary catheter

-Having a compromised immune system

-Being in a coma, or having been in a coma recently

-Having experienced shock


-Extensive surgeries or procedures


If your aging parent has any of these risk factors, it is important to pay even closer attention to their condition as they are in the hospital. If you notice any symptoms such as discharge from any wounds or surgical sites, fever, nausea, or coughing, bring these to the attention of their medical team promptly. Early detection of an infection is extremely important for establishing and following through with an effective treatment plan.


If you have been looking for ways to help your parent live a healthier life, starting elderly care for them may be the solution you’ve been hoping for.

An elderly home care services provider can act as a valuable supplement to the care you already give your parent, to ensure they get everything they need at all times. Particularly if you are a member of the sandwich generation caring for your parent as well as your children, you live at a distance from your aging parent, or you have challenges and limitations that keep you from being able to fulfill all of your parent’s needs, this type of care can offer incredible benefit.

With this care provider in the home with your senior, they can stay more active and independent, while also taking care of their health and managing their safety. If your senior has recently been discharged from the hospital, the care provider can help them to follow through with recovery guidelines, offer medication reminders, and support their efforts to recover and to move forward with a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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