Fall Foliage Week: Family Fun with Aging Grandparents

There’s something magical about the fall season—the air turns crisp, the gardens are bursting with fruits and vegetables and the once-green leaves turn to brilliant colors.  People young and old get excited about autumn activities.  The good news is that there are lots of fall-centered activities for you and your family members to do with aging grandparents.  In fact, National Fall Foliage Week is the last week of September, and it’s ideal for families to enjoy nature and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Home Health Care in McLean VA: Fall Foliage Week

Home Health Care in McLean VA: Fall Foliage Week


Aging grandparents want to spend a lot of time with their adult children and grandchildren, but there aren’t a lot of activities that everyone can do together.  Leaf peeping, or the activities associated with viewing autumn leaves, is a chance for the whole family to come together and enjoy each other and nature. While there are some well-known fall foliage hotspots around the country, such as in New England and the Rocky Mountains, most people are within a day’s drive of some spectacular autumn color.


Where are the best places to go?

The best way to find out where and when to enjoy fall foliage is to go online to one of the several websites that track the best areas as well as when they peak.  Peaking means that the fall colors are at their height before they start to drop.  National Fall Foliage Week is meant to prompt people of all ages to start making plans to view one of nature’s most colorful displays.  If caregivers want to bring together family members of all ages, then leaf peeping may be the ideal activity.


What will you need to bring for your senior?

When it comes to traveling with aging grandparents, you will need to include all the aspects of elderly care that they need to make the journey.  For the day trip, make sure they are dressed in layers to regulate body temperature.  Gather medicines, accessories, snacks, and water for them to access throughout the day.  If you are bringing along other family members, such as children, plan ahead for some car games or audio books to pass the time in a way that everyone is happy.  As long as elderly care is addressed, there are few reasons why aging grandparents can’t be a part of the adventure.


What activities can you do?

At the destination, there are lots of activities for aging grandparents to do with family members of all ages.  Kids can participate in leaf rubbings, where they place fallen leaves on a flat surface with a paper placed over them.  Using the side of a crayon, they lightly mark the paper.  The relief of the leaves shows up on the paper. They can also gather specimens of their favorite leaves to take home to press them between the pages of a heavy book. It’s an ideal time to get some family pictures, with the beautiful leaves as a backdrop.  Many leaf-peeping destinations are near attractions like farmer’s markets, craft fairs, orchards, wineries, and farms, making it fun for the whole family.

No matter where the destination, enjoying National Fall Foliage Week with elderly parents is a wonderful way to make memories. From the Colorado Rockies to the Catskills and everywhere the autumn leaves are emerging, leaf peeping is a fine way to help multigenerational families bond

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