How Can Your Senior Get Used to Having a Hearing Aid?

Home Health Care in Arlington VA: Adjusting to a Hearing Aid

Home Health Care in Arlington VA: Adjusting to a Hearing Aid

Knowing that she needs a hearing aid and actually wearing one might be two very separate situations for your elderly family member.  These devices have come a long way, but they still require a little bit of patience in order to make sure that they’re going to function properly for your aging adult.


Make Sure it’s Fitted Properly

Many people assume that they can simply pick up the hearing aid and it will work perfectly.  The problem with that is that everyone’s ears are slightly different.  Having a proper fitting ensures that the settings are right for your senior and that the hearing aid is comfortably situated in her ear. If you notice any difficulty putting the hearing aid in after the initial fitting, schedule a new fitting to try again.


Give it Time

Hearing aids feel funny at first, even if they’re not noticeable to anyone else near your senior.  It will take some time to get used to putting them in, taking them out, and adjusting the settings.  At first, your senior may only be able to wear the hearing aids for a short period of time.  This doesn’t mean that they won’t work for her; it simply means she needs time to adjust.


Make the Hearing Aid a Regular Part of Every Day

Do what you can to make the hearing aids as much of a regular part of your elderly family member’s schedule as you can.  That way home care providers and other family members automatically know that the hearing aids are something she needs to have with her, if not in her ears already.


Go to Scheduled Follow up Appointments

Your aging adult’s audiologist may have one or two additional appointments scheduled for her already.   This is not a series of appointments that your senior should skip, even if she’s tired of going to the audiologist’s office.  These appointments allow her audiologist to resolve issues that could keep her from using her hearing aids to their fullest capacity.

If the hearing aid still just isn’t working for your senior, there may be other solutions that could work better.  Talk to her audiologist about other problems that she is having.


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