Four Tips for Dealing with Wounds

Every now and again everyone experiences an injury. What matters is how you handle the situation if your elderly family member gets a cut or scrape. Reacting quickly can help her to heal much more quickly.


Home Care Services in Reston VA: Dealing with Wounds

Home Care Services in Reston VA: Dealing with Wounds


Clean and Disinfect Wounds as Soon as You Find One

The faster that you act when you find a wound, the better. Even a few hours after your senior gets a cut or scrape the wound is starting to heal over. That traps bacteria and even debris under the scab and can make healing take a lot longer than it should. Keeping your senior’s medicine cabinet stocked with wound cleaning solutions, bandages, and antibiotic cream can make quick work of cleaning and disinfecting small cuts and wounds.


Stay Alert for Signs of Infection

Even the tiniest cuts and scrapes can become infected. You’ll know that there’s a problem if your senior mentions that the area hurts or if it’s becoming warm to the touch. You should also watch for redness around the wound itself, especially if that redness seems to be spreading a bit away from the original injury. If you see these signs, contact your senior’s doctor to make sure that the injury is handled properly.


Take a First Aid Course

You might feel more confident about handling these types of situations for your aging adult if you take a first aid course. These are fairly common courses that you can sign up for at will. Often community colleges, hospitals, and even some doctor’s offices offer them. The class will likely feel a bit repetitive, especially at first. But you’ll build your confidence around caring for your aging adult.


Home Care Providers Can Help

You might not be able to spend as much time with your senior as you’d like, and that might have you concerned about your elderly family member and injuries, especially if she has a diminished immune system at all. Home care providers can offer companionship and also watch for situations in which your elderly family member could benefit from help with a small injury.

If you’re noticing that your elderly family member seems to have more cuts and scrapes than usual, there may be something else going on. Pay attention also to whether it’s taking longer for wounds to heal. All of this information is vital to pass on to her doctor so that any underlying issues can be addressed for your senior.


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