Is it Time for You to Take a Break from Caregiving?

Home Care Services in Reston VA: Caregiver Respite

Home Care Services in Reston VA: Caregiver Respite

If you’re like the average caregiver, the thought of stepping away from caregiving, even for a little while, might be a terrifying one.  You’re invested in the act of being a caregiver, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need some time away.  These signs could clue you in that there’s something bigger going on.


You’re Feeling as if Every Day Is a Terrible One

When every day feels worse than the last one, that’s a terrible feeling.  It also leaves you feeling drained and dreading getting out of bed every morning.  How can you be effective as a caregiver if that’s how you face every day?  The problem is that you can’t.  There needs to be something that you’re looking forward to every day besides going back to bed.


You’re Constantly Overwhelmed

Caregiving can definitely be overwhelming.  But if you’re constantly overwhelmed in every situation, that is a sign that you have reached one or more of your limits.  You need to respect what your brain is telling you and find some help to make the situation less overwhelming for you.


You’re Exhausted Even When You Sleep

It’s one thing to be deprived of sleep and to be exhausted.  You know exactly what is causing that and you can solve it by getting more sleep.  But what about when you are sleeping and you wake up just as exhausted?  That is your body telling you that you need far more rest.  You may be facing health conditions you’re not aware of or even depression.  It’s time to find out what is happening with your own health.


You Don’t Feel as if You’re Making a Difference at All

If you’re feeling as if you’re giving and doing and none of it matters, you can’t keep giving and doing for much longer.  Stop and try to figure out why you feel that way.  It’s possible that talking to a counselor or a therapist can help you to get to the bottom of the issue, too.  Once you have a solution, you can implement it.

You may only need a short break from being a caregiver in order to feel okay again.  But if you don’t take that time, you may burn yourself right out of caregiving altogether.


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