Are You Being Honest with Yourself about How You’re Doing?


Home Care in McLean VA: Are You Being Honest with Yourself about How You’re Doing?

Sometimes it’s easier for family caregivers to tell themselves that they’re fine. The problem is that isn’t always true and if you’re not being honest with yourself, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Check in with Yourself Regularly

Make it a point to ask yourself every morning or afternoon how you’re doing. Some days you might find that you’re doing well and you can honestly give yourself that answer. Other days, however, you might find that you’re not doing so great. Give yourself permission to have not so great days and to be honest about it. Acknowledging that you’re not doing well enables you to figure out how to fix that.

Ask Yourself if You Can Change Anything that Isn’t Working

On the days that aren’t so great, look at what you can change to help yourself to feel better. For example, if you’re feeling out of touch with other people, can you call someone? Just reaching out can help you to feel less alone immediately. You might be surprised how many small activities can do so much for you.

Determine What Is Causing You Stress

Stress builds up over time, so if you can learn what is causing stress for you and then correct that problem, you can find resolution. For example, if the fact that you’re constantly on call as your loved one’s primary caregiver is giving you stress, you’re not alone at all. This is also something that you can find a solution for, thereby reducing your stress.

Find a Solution to the Stressful Situations You Can Do Something About

Often to find a solution to stressful situations, you need to be willing to make even a small change. Sometimes that can be scary, though. If you’re stressed because you’re constantly on call, making even a small change so that you can take time away can be just as stressful initially. Hiring home care providers that you trust or working out a solution with other family members can be just the change you need. The key is to make an attempt to find a fix that works.

As you learn to be more honest with yourself, you can spot trouble before it becomes a tremendously stressful issue for you.

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