How Can My Aging Parent Get Around Without Driving?

One of the downsides of growing older is that elderly people may have their driving privileges revoked or they realize that they are no longer physically or mentally able to operate a car safely. However, when they can’t drive, seniors lose a lot of their independence. Without being able to drive, they are dependent on their family caregiver to take them places like to stores, doctor appointments, visits, social activities, church and elsewhere.


Elderly Care in McLean VA: Senior Aging and Driving

Elderly Care in McLean VA: Senior Aging and Driving

If the adult child is at work or busy with other errands, the elderly parent is out of luck. Social isolation is very common with the elderly, which can lead to depression. In order to boost their emotional well-being and keep them active and involved, family caregivers need to figure out ways for their aging parents to get around without driving.

When seniors have a few choices in how and when they can get around town, it provides them with a big boost of self-confidence and a sense of independence.


Here are just a few transportation options for seniors that can no longer drive:

Family members: If family members are close by, they can work together to create a driving schedule for their elderly relative. They may each take a day of the week or a few shifts per week. If only a few family members can manage the actual driving, perhaps other can contribute money for gas to help out.


Public transportation for seniors: Many cities and counties have vans or buses that act as senior transport services. Some offer door to door service while others run a set route. Caregivers should contact their city or county to inquire for details.


Ridesharing services: It’s easier than ever to arrange for a ride from point A to point B using companies that arrange for drivers and their cars to transport customers. Taxis can also provide a similar service but are generally more expensive alternatives.


Public transportation: Depending on the location, many cities and counties offer senior discounts for trains or buses. It’s also common for some buses to be equipped for wheelchairs or offer a paratransit option that may be scheduled in advance.


Home care agencies: Hiring a caregiver to help out with an elderly person is common, and they usually do things like prepare meals, clean the house and provide companionship. Many agencies do include transportation duties as part of the list of services they provide.


Community volunteers: Some cities have a volunteer program where people arrange to drive seniors where they need to go. These are most often set up by the local government or via religious congregations.
Family caregivers need to make transportation for their elderly parent a priority because it’s important for their health and well-being. They may have a preference about what kind of transportation they feel comfortable with, as well as what they or you can afford. Adult children should do research to discover all their options within the community.


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