Does Vitamin D Affect Breast Cancer Risks?

Home Health Care in Springfield VA: Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

Home Health Care in Springfield VA: You’ve probably heard that vitamin D levels affect bone health, and maybe the doctor has suggested that your mom take a supplement. Now it seems there may be another good reason for your mom to take vitamin D.

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Should You See a Doctor When Suffering a Migraine?

Caregiver in Springfield VA: Suffering a Migraine

Caregiver in Springfield VA: MIgraines impact approximately 13 percent of the total adult population of the United States, accounting for around 38 million people. These headaches can be very painful, and bring with them a variety of other symptoms and challenges.

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Tips for Protecting Your Senior During National Sun Safety Week

Homecare in Springfield VA: Sun Safety Week

Homecare in Springfield VA: June 3rd through 9th is National Sun Safety Week. As a family caregiver, this is the ideal time for you to review sun safety, and make plans for how you will protect your aging parents from the dangers of the sun as the weather warms up.

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What Can You and Your Elderly Loved One Do with Family Photos?


Caregiver in Springfield VA: Sorting through and coming up with additional uses for old family photos is a great activity for you and your elderly loved one to engage in together. You can use them for everything from a craft project to a way to maintain memories.

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