Should You See a Doctor When Suffering a Migraine?

Migraines impact approximately 13 percent of the total adult population of the United States, accounting for around 38 million people.
These headaches can be very painful, and bring with them a variety of other symptoms and challenges. For some people, this includes an element known as an aura, which is the inclusion of other symptoms including visual, auditory, and sensory disruptions. When your parent is suffering from this type of attack, it can be very severe, which can lead you to wonder if they should go to the doctor.


Caregiver in Springfield VA: Suffering a Migraine

Caregiver in Springfield VA: Suffering a Migraine


In most cases, migraines can be managed and treated at home.

If your parent has experienced many such migraines, they may have medication their doctor prescribed to help them with the pain and other symptoms. Rest in a dark, cool place and use of approved over-the-counter medications can also be very beneficial. There are some instances, however, when going to the doctor for further attention and care may be the right choice for your senior.

If your parent is not diagnosed but has been experiencing signs and symptoms of a migraine, keep track of the timing, symptoms, and length of their headaches and bring this to the attention of their doctor for a proper diagnosis. Likewise, if your parent has a history of migraines, but the pattern, severity, or length of the attacks changes significantly, bring this to the attention of their doctor so they can find other ways to treat and manage their headaches.


In some instances, your parent may need to go to the emergency room when experiencing a migraine. These instances can include:

-An abrupt headache that comes on severely and intensely.

-A headache that comes on after a head injury, especially if this headache worsens.

-A headache that is more severe or unlike other headaches your senior has experienced before.

-A chronic headache that worsens with movement, coughing, or straining.

-A headache that occurs along with stiff neck, seizures, double vision, numbness, mental confusion, or difficulty speaking.


When your aging parent is suffering from a health condition such as migraines, you want to make sure they are getting the care and support they need to manage their condition in the best way possible.

As their family caregiver, you dedicate yourself to giving them as much of your time, energy, and effort as you can, but there are times when this may not be enough or may become too overwhelming for you. If this is the case for you, starting elder care may be an extremely beneficial choice for your aging loved one.

An elderly home care services provider can work with your parent on the schedule that is right for your senior as well as for you. Through services such as meal preparation, medication reminders, and support in making good lifestyle choices. They can also be with your parent when you are not able to so that they can monitor your parent’s condition and let you know if anything has changed. This allows you to make the right decisions for your senior’s health.

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