Meaningful Vehicle Modifications to Help your Parent with Mobility Issues

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One of the best parts of being a family caregiver for your elderly parent is being able to spend extra quality time with them. Getting out together to go on outings, experience new things, or just runCaregiver-in-Alexandria-VA errands lets you build your relationship, enjoy your time together, and ensure that your care journey has more meaning than just fulfilling their physical, health, and safety needs. If your elderly parent is suffering from mobility issues, however, it can be challenging for them to get into and out of a vehicle safely and comfortably. This can make it much more difficult for them to go on these outings with you. Meaningful vehicle modifications can address these challenges, making it easier for your parent to get in and out of the vehicle confidently so they are more willing to enjoy heading out and gaining the benefits of a more active lifestyle.


Some meaningful modifications that you can make to your vehicle to help your parent deal with mobility issues include:

  • Grab bar. If you drive a car that is low to the ground, such as a sedan, a sports car, or compact car, it may be challenging for your parent to get down into it safely, and then difficult to get back up. A grab bar designed specifically for use on a vehicle can give your parent the added leverage that they need to make these movements easier and more comfortable. These bars attach to the metal piece that sticks out of the doorframe after opening the door. You simply slide the bar into place when your parent needs it, and then remove it when it is time to close the door. This can also help to prevent accidents such as your parent falling if they try to use the seatbelt or the frame of the door for support.
  • Lifts. If your parent uses a mobility aid, adding a lift to your vehicle can make the process of getting it into and out of the vehicle much easier, giving your parent greater confidence. Your parent simply rides their wheelchair or scooter onto the lift platform and it brings them up to the level of the vehicle. They can then get off of the platform and situate themselves in the vehicle in the way that is comfortable and safe for them. Some very special modifications allow your parent to remain in their mobility device for the duration of the trip so when you arrive, all you have to do is have the lift bring your parent back down to the ground.
  • Cushions. A seat that is very low, bucketed, or tilted can be very challenging for your parent. Not only is it hard to sit down on a seat that is this low, but it also makes it far more difficult to get up. Cushions designed specifically for a vehicle make the seat higher and provider more structure. This makes it easier for your parent to sit down and then does not crush or sag when your parent is trying to get up.


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