Is Your Parent Really Ready for Another Winter Storm?

Storm after storm keep hitting different areas of the U.S. From days of freezing temperatures in states affected by the Polar Vortex to heavy snow on the East Coast, winter storms keep making it hard for people to fully clean up before the next storm hits.


Caregiver in Fairfax VA: Storm Safety

Caregiver in Fairfax VA: Storm Safety


Before the next storm hits, make sure your mom or dad’s home is prepared. These are the things you need to focus attention on.


Winterize the Car

Hopefully, your mom or dad started off the season having the car winterized. If not, don’t delay. Check tires for decent tread. In snowy/icy areas, winter tires are ideal. Have the oil changed if necessary, check the battery and alternator, and make sure the antifreeze can handle the winter temperatures.

Finally, make sure the windshield washer fluid is not going to freeze up in below zero temperatures. If it’s not rated for at least 20 below, you may want to add some alcohol to the tank to keep the lines from freezing.


Clean Vents

Vents need to be cleared of snow and ice. Go around the house and visually inspect the vent to the heating system, clear away any ice or snow that has built up around it. Do the same with sewer vents, which are usually on the roof, and dryer vents.


Check Heating Fuel Levels

While you’re outside looking at vents, check to see if your parent has enough fuel. If your mom or dad have natural gas, this isn’t a concern. If propane, kerosene, or heating oil are used, you should check. If the levels are getting low, even if your parent is on automatic delivery, make sure the company has them on the list for delivery in the next few days.


Get Down Sand and Salt

Slippery deck steps, sidewalks, and driveways need to be treated with sand or environmentally-friendly salt. You don’t want your parent to slip and fall while going to get the mail or walk the dog. In addition to sand or salt, ashes from a wood stove or pellet stove can be used to help add traction.


Is someone checking on your mom or dad before, during, and after each storm?
Caregivers can check in and make sure your parent has water jugs in case the power goes out. They can cook meals.

For home safety, they can make sure the heating system is working and that there are no frozen pipes. If something is wrong, caregivers can schedule repair services and make sure your mom or dad is not in danger of hypothermia.

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