Are Seniors with Osteoporosis at Higher Fall Risk?

Approximately 30% of all adults in the United States over the age of 64 will experience a fall each year. Many of these seniors will suffer a broken bone as a result of the fall.

Though any elderly adult is at risk of falling and suffering a broken bone, those who are living with osteoporosis are at increased risk for both. Osteoporosis, characterized by the loss of bone mass, can be a silent risk. This means that a senior can be living with it without even realizing because it often has no symptoms. As a family caregiver, it is important to recognize that suffering from osteoporosis can make your parent more vulnerable to falling due to less strength and stability in the bones and joints, but also puts them at greatly increased risk for severe injury after suffering such a fall.


Caregiver in Alexandria VA: Seniors with Osteoporosis

Caregiver in Alexandria VA: Seniors with Osteoporosis


Some ways that you can protect a senior with osteoporosis from suffering a serious injury associated with a fall include:


-Start elderly care for them so that they have access to mobility support that will help them safely and effectively navigate their home and other areas to reduce the risk of a fall

-Remove furniture and other items in the home that your parent could run into. Not only could the initial impact lead to a fracture, but hitting or bumping into object could cause your parent to lose their balance and fall

-Ensure that there are safely installed grab bars throughout the home so that your parent can use them for stability and balance, particularly during tasks such as bathing, toileting, and using stairs

-Encourage your aging parent to participate in weight-bearing exercise regularly. This exercise will not only improve balance and range of motion to reduce the risk that they will fall, but will also help to support bone mass and bone strength, to reduce the chances of severe injury as a result of falling

-Talk to your parent’s doctor about wearing hip pads that will provide additional cushioning and protection if they have serious osteoporosis and are at higher risk of falling


Starting elderly care can be a fantastic way to help your parent maintain their quality of life, manage their needs and challenges, and find meaning and fulfillment in their later years.

This elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a customized schedule to ensure that they are with your senior when it is right for them according to not just their needs and challenges, but also to the amount of care that you are already able to provide. This means that your parent will always have access to the care, support, and assistance that will help them to stay happy, healthy, safe, and comfortable. These highly personalized services can also help your parent to pursue a greater level of independence, engagement, and fulfillment throughout their later years.


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