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Tips for Helping a Senior with Speech Problems Converse More Comfortably


Senior Care in Vienna VA: Tips for Helping a Senior with Speech Problems Converse More Comfortably

Many elderly adults suffering from hearing or speech problems. As a family caregiver, it is important to recognize that just because these challenges happen frequently does not mean that they do not have a major impact on your parent’s life, or that your senior should just have to deal with it. Fortunately there are ways that you can help your elderly loved one manage their speech problems and converse more comfortably so that you can maintain your connection as they age in place.


Use these tips to help a senior with speech problems converse more comfortably:

  • Be patient. It can be frustrating when a senior is struggling to speak. You might get upset and anxious, and even want to stop them from talking. Strive to be patient and give your parent as much time as they need. This will help to ease their nervousness and encourage them to express themselves comfortably and confidently. Do not rush them and avoid looking flustered or frustrated.
  • Avoid finishing their sentences. You night feel as though you are helping your parent by suggesting words or finishing their sentences for them. This, however, can make your parent feel belittled, embarrassed, and even disrespected. Instead, give them the time that they need and only offer help if they specifically ask for it or if they say that they cannot come up with the word. Avoid showing any frustration when doing this.
  • Use their nonverbal cues. There is no real need for you to correct every time that your aging parent says the wrong thing or does not finish their sentences. Constantly trying to get them to say the “right thing” or correct them will only embarrass and frustrate them. Watch their nonverbal cues and think of interpreting what they say, turning your focus from just listening to what they say to really communicating with them.


Starting senior care for your aging loved one can be an exceptional way for you to enhance your aging parent’s quality of life and ensure that they get all of the care, support, encouragement, and assistance that they need as they age in place. Whether you are able to be with your aging parent frequently or you live at a distance and are not able to be with them as often as you would like, a senior home care services provider can diversify your parent’s care, offer services such as safe and reliable transportation that encourage independence and engagement in the world around them, and help them to manage their individual needs and challenges in the way that is right for them. The highly personalized set of services offered by this care provider will be tailored to your parent’s specific needs as well as their personality, preferences, and goals to help them to achieve and maintain the lifestyle that they desire and deserve as they age in place. If your aging parent is dealing with challenges such as hearing loss, the companionship, support, and assistance of a senior care provider can be valuable to help your parent handle their needs, remain safe and secure, and maintain better mental and emotional health as they cope with these changes.


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