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Is My Elderly Loved-One Suffering From Sciatica?/Senior Care

Homecare in Fairfax VA: Many seniors experience regular aches and pains, however, sciatica is a condition where the sciatic nerve is compressed or pinched, which can interfere with daily life. Many seniors and family caregivers are not familiar with sciatica, and therefore don’t quite understand what it is, what causes it and how to treat it.

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Does Your Parent Need Live-In Care or Night Care?

Caregiver in Falls Church VA: Being a family caregiver means making decisions for your elderly loved-one that will help them to address their individual needs, challenges, and limitations and maintain the best quality of life possible as they age in place.  One of these decisions is what type of care arrangement is right for them.

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Home Care – Food Allergies in the Elderly

Elder Care in Fairfax VA: Although this sounds bizarre, it is not uncommon for adults to find out at a later age that they are suddenly allergic to something that they weren’t allergic to when they were a child. This is called adult-onset allergies, and it is particularly prevalent in senior citizens.

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Caregiver Tips – How to Make Bathing Easier for Elderly Parents (and Less Awkward)

Home Care Services in Vienna, VA: As a caregiver, you may feel happy and proud to be able to help the parent who did so much to help you become the person you are today, and you might feel a bit sad that they have lost their independence, and their health is on the decline.  You might also feel slightly embarrassed, because now you have to help them with things that are normally private, like bathing.

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Senior Care – Hobbies to Fight Depression

Home Care Services in Fairfax VA: Depression and anxiety were once thought to be something that goes away as one ages.  Recent studies have proven that depression is just as common in the elderly as it is in other adults. There are many ways to lessen mild depression, and one of these ways is to have a hobby.

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Tips for Packing for Vacation with Your Senior

Elder Care in Vienna VA: Planning a summertime getaway with your elderly loved one can be an exceptional way to help boost their mental and emotional health, support a stronger relationship with the different generations of the family, and create memories together that you can cherish well into the future.

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