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How to Work around Resistance from a Senior when it Comes to Home Care

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Some elderly people may be a bit stubborn and set in their ways. While this is completely normal, it can also pose a problem in certain situations. When the time comes for an aging parent to Home-Care-Fairfax-VAreceive senior care, he or she may be resistant to the idea.  However, by thinking outside of the box, it will be a bit easier for an adult child to encourage the senior to accept the care being offered.

What about a trial run?

Trying to fight with a senior when encountering resistance on hiring professional home care can be a futile effort. Suggesting that the senior try the in-home care on a temporary basis can be just the thing he or she needs to hear. Usually, once the senior has gotten a taste of what this type of care can bring, he will come around.

Putting a positive spin on things

Referring to home care providers as helpers or even friends can go a long way when trying to convince a senior to accept these services. Most seniors do not want to feel like they are not able to care for themselves.  Allowing seniors to feel in control of the situation can usually get them to accept the help that is being offered.

Explain the benefits

Explaining the benefits that come with this type home care is another effective strategy. Once the senior realizes that home care professionals can help him with things like cooking and cleaning, he will usually be on board. If at all possible, show the senior the website of the company being used so he can do his own research and evaluation. Next, interview a few candidates, along with the senior, and choose the best fit.

Talking about independence is helpful

Maintaining a high level of independence is usually a top concern for a senior. Be sure to let him know that by getting in-home care, he will be able to maintain his freedom by staying in the home he loves. Let the senior know that the hiring of this type of help is in no way an attempt to take away his freedom.

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Michelle DeFilippis

I graduated with a BS degree and had been selling medical equipment to hospitals, clinics and technicians. More recently, a family member was diagnosed with dementia and we, as a family, realized we were not prepared t care for her. We were thrown into that whirlpool of hospital stays, 24/7 live-in care, skilled care, caring for mom ourselves and finally, now daily home care. This was such a stressful time that I started thinking there had to be other people, other families as overwhelmed and unprepared as we were.

Medical Professionals On Call has such a caring, professional staff who are available to step in with whatever level of care necessary for loved ones and to relieve you of that stress.

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