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Are There Ways to Bring in Home Care Without Upsetting Your Parents?

During your visit with your parents, you’ve noticed a few upsetting things.

It might be that your mom couldn’t find her purse. After hours of searching, you found it hidden inside the dog food bag. Your dad got out of his car and fell down.


Homecare in Centreville VA: Home Care Objections

Homecare in Centreville VA: Home Care Objections


Your parents are relying heavily on fast food and freezer meals.

They’re wearing the same clothes for weeks to avoid having to do laundry. You don’t know when they last changed their sheets. All of these are signs that they need help.

While you may want to provide as much of their senior care as possible, it’s not always feasible. You work 40 hours a week. You have a house of your own to maintain. You have kids. As much as your parents may not like it, they need home care services.


Here’s how to bring in home care without upsetting them.

Be Honest

You’ll need to make sure your parent knows the truth about home care. So many seniors see it as a service that is going to take away their independence and privacy. That’s not the case. Home care services target a senior citizen’s needs. The caregivers are not there to be the boss. They’re there to help.

Emphasize this to your parents. If you need to, talk to their friends who have caregivers. Have them talk to your parents about what help they get and how it helps them live at home without struggling to get some tasks done.


Start With a Trial

If your parent knows they’re not locked into a long contract, it’s going to be easier to bring in a caregiver. Ask your parent to try home care services for a month. They can report back to you with the things they like and any issues that bother them. With this information, you can adjust services to make sure everyone is happy.

Your parent does need to give it an honest attempt. Negative daily attitudes and refusal to work with a caregiver won’t help anyone. If you hear your parent is being stubborn, talk to them about being fair to the caregiver.


Stay in Touch

Your parent may have the impression that you’re bringing in-home care services as a replacement to having to visit them. When you hire caregivers, they need to know you’ll visit as often as you have in the past. Make sure they know this. Keep up with your visits and calls. If you have to miss one, call to explain why.

One thing you can do is show that by having caregivers handling some of the housework and daily routines, you can focus on fun activities. During your visit, do something fun. Take your parent out for a picnic or to a museum. With the household chores completed, you’re not obligated to stay at your parents handling chores.

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Michelle DeFilippis

I graduated with a BS degree and had been selling medical equipment to hospitals, clinics and technicians. More recently, a family member was diagnosed with dementia and we, as a family, realized we were not prepared t care for her. We were thrown into that whirlpool of hospital stays, 24/7 live-in care, skilled care, caring for mom ourselves and finally, now daily home care. This was such a stressful time that I started thinking there had to be other people, other families as overwhelmed and unprepared as we were.

Medical Professionals On Call has such a caring, professional staff who are available to step in with whatever level of care necessary for loved ones and to relieve you of that stress.