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Tips for Keeping Your Senior’s Heart Healthy

Heart health is something that a lot of seniors focus on because it’s something that they can truly do something about. Sticking with a few simple steps can make a big difference for your aging adult and her goal to avoid heart disease.

Home Care Services in Vienna VA: Heart Health
Home Care Services in Vienna VA: Heart Health

Keep up with Doctor’s Appointments

It’s really important to know what’s going on with your senior’s health now and down the line. That means keeping up with doctor’s appointments, even if your elderly family member doesn’t enjoy them all that much. This is especially important if your elderly family member has health issues that could lead to heart problems in the future.

Diet Matters a Lot

What your senior eats is far more important than you might think in keeping her heart as healthy as possible. The reason for this is that her body uses what she eats as the fuel to power her body. So if she’s eating lots of foods that are processed or that have empty calories, she doesn’t have what she needs to help her heart and body to function. Fruits and vegetables, which are full of vitamins and minerals, as well as lean proteins and whole grains, all work together to give her body what it needs.

So Does Exercise

The heart is a muscle and just like any muscle, it needs to work in order to stay strong. Cardio exercises, like walking or swimming, help to strengthen your elderly family member’s heart and lungs. It’s really important that she only does what is safe for her to do, though. This is another reason why it’s important to have your senior’s doctor on board with whatever plan you put in place.

Relieve Stress Whenever Possible

Stress is not great for anyone, but especially for someone who is trying to improve their heart health. One solution for your senior can be to hire elder care providers to take over daily tasks for your senior. Elder care providers can tackle household tasks, cooking, and other tasks that take up too much time and energy for your senior. Then she can devote her energy toward activities she enjoys.

Your elderly family member doesn’t have to make all of these changes at once. She might find that it’s less overwhelming to make a few of these changes over time so that she can get used to them. Checking in regularly with her doctor helps you both to know what’s working and what isn’t.

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