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What Does Arthritis Commonly Look Like?

When you’re aware of the common symptoms and signs of arthritis it’s easier to spot when arthritis can be affecting your elderly family member’s life. Getting these symptoms under better control can make life easier and more pleasurable for her.


Home Care Services in Herndon VA: What Arthritis Looks Like

Home Care Services in Herndon VA: What Arthritis Looks Like


Joint Pain and Stiffness

One of the most common symptoms associated with arthritis is stiffness or pain in joints. Your elderly family member is experiencing swelling and inflammation in those joints, even if those aspects aren’t visible to you or to her. Sometimes people do experience marked swelling in affected joints, accompanied by heat and even redness in the area.


The Range of Motion Is Reduced

Because of inflammation and pain, your elderly family member might not be able to use her joints in the way that they’ve worked in the past. She may have trouble lifting her arms past a certain level, for instance, or reaching for items. When she moves too quickly, that can cause her pain, too.


Less Muscle Strength

Because of pain and reduced range of motion, your elderly family member may start to lose muscle strength. When it hurts to move, she’ll move less frequently and that has consequences. Conversely, exercising a little more and improving muscle strength can help to support your senior’s joints. Always make sure that exercise is cleared through your senior’s doctor before starting a new plan.


Trouble with Functional Mobility

Functional mobility describes your senior’s ability to move about in her home and wherever else she goes. If your elderly family member is having trouble walking safely, then her functional mobility is hampered. Her doctor may recommend physical therapy to help her to cope with these changes.


Depression and Frustration

All of these physical changes have an impact on your senior’s mental and emotional well-being. If your senior has always been able to be physically active and independent, then suddenly having difficulty with simple tasks can leave her feeling frustrated and angry. It can even lead to depression. It’s important to stay aware of the signs of depression and other issues so you can get her the help she needs.

Elderly care providers can help your senior to deal with the pain and the other issues that result from dealing with arthritis. When certain activities or movements are more difficult for her, elder care providers can be there to lend a helping hand. They can also show you how to make changes around the house that make a positive impact on your senior’s life.


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