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Five Fun Craft Projects for Someone With Arthritis

Elder Care in Falls Church VA: Crafts For Seniors With Arthritis

Elder Care in Falls Church VA: Crafts For Seniors With Arthritis

Arthritis makes it hard to handle many everyday tasks and movements.  When the joints in the hand stiffen up and ache, many seniors find it hard to enjoy the hobbies they once loved.  You want to keep your loved-one busy, but arthritis makes it difficult.

Here are some fun craft projects that seniors with arthritis enjoy…

#1 – Decoupage:  Decoupage is a craft where the crafter glues paper and small items onto an object like a glass jar, box, or piece of furniture.  Many craft stores sell pre-cut pieces of paper, silk flowers, beads, and gold leaf.  All your mom or dad needs for this craft project is an artistic vision, the ability to apply glue to the back of the paper or decorative item, and then to press the glued item against the object.  Once that’s completed, your parent adds a coat of varnish or lacquer.

#2 – Knitting:  Knitting may seem challenging to someone with arthritis, but it doesn’t have to be. There are knitting aids to make it easier.  Some of the things you should consider buying for your loved-one are knitting machines, a knitting loom, or circular knitting needles.  Circular needles help better distribute the weight of the knit yarn.

#3 – Mosaics:  Mosaics are similar to decoupage.  The craft is usually done with broken pieces of tile, glass, or stone that are set into cement or a glue that secures the tiles in place.  For example, your loved-one could do a mosaic stepping stone by using a mold filled with cement and then pressing the tile or glass pieces into the top, letting it set, and then removing the mold.

#4- Needlepoint:  Buy your mom or dad a hands-free needlecraft work stand.  This eliminates the need for your parent to hold a frame while also manipulating the needle through the fabric.  Rubber or leather thimbles also keep the needle firmly in place.  If scissors are needed, rolling scissors are easier to use and reduce strain on the fingers.

#5 – Painting:  Painting is an excellent hobby for someone with arthritis.  Wider brush handles are easy to hold without straining sore joints.  Your mom or dad can avoid fine details by switching to abstract painting with wide strokes and dabbing rather than brushing.

Elder care professionals can also help keep your parent from feeling bored. While a craft project will entertain a senior for a couple of hours each day, a caregiver can provide companionship every day.  The aide comes in and helps with housework, laundry, or provides rides to stores or events.  Call an elder care agency today to learn more.


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