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What Are Possible Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer?

Being a family caregiver for your aging parent gives you the unique opportunity to spend extra time with them, and be more aware of their health and well-being as they age.

This means you’ll notice when they start to experience different symptoms, behavior, or challenges. It can be intimidating when this happens and leaves you wondering what could be causing these issues. It is important to realize that symptoms can relate to a wide variety of conditions and diseases. This means you should not always assume the worst, but also that you should not immediately discount what your parent is experiencing. When it comes to a serious health problem such as lung cancer, you may think you know the symptoms, but there may be some that are less obvious.


Caregiver in Vienna VA: Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Caregiver in Vienna VA: Symptoms of Lung Cancer


Some of the possible signs and symptoms of lung cancer include:

-A cough that has lingered for more than a month without another reasonable explanation. Often this cough is dry and may be accompanied by blood.

-Experiencing frequent infections, and frequently contracting illnesses that impact their chest, such as bronchitis.

-Losing weight– unintentionally, or without marked changes in their exercise. This can include a decrease in appetite.

-Deep joint or bone pain, often located in the lower back or in the hips. This is often overlooked as a possible symptom of an organ cancer because the pain is not located near the affected organ.

-Swelling in the face or neck, which can be caused by a tumor pressing against a vein that transports blood to and from the head and arms.

-Feeling extremely tired or fatigued even if they are not living a more active or intense lifestyle. Marked tiredness is a symptom noted by approximately 80 percent of those with cancer, regardless of the type.


When you live at a distance from your aging parents, have a busy schedule, or have other limitations, or when you are not able to be with your parents as often as you would like to be, you may feel they don’t have access to the care they deserve.

This is when senior care can be a valuable addition to your caregiver routine. Adding a senior home care services provider into your care effort for your aging parent, supplements the care you already give them, while also having peace of mind that any care tasks you are unable to fulfill will be managed in the ways that are best for your parents. This care provider can tailor a caring approach specifically to your loved one, offering them respect, support, and are designed to promote independence, health, and quality of life as they age in place.


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