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Psoriasis: What Treatments Work Best?

Caregiver in Reston VA: Senior Psoriasis Care

Caregiver in Reston VA: Senior Psoriasis Care

Most people develop psoriasis between 15 and 35, but it can develop in those older and younger. Per Healthline, upwards of 7.5 million people in the U.S. have the skin condition.

It’s not a contagious condition. There are different types of psoriasis, but most people experience red patches that develop silvery scales of dead skin. The patches may itch, crack, and bleed.

There’s no cure for psoriasis, but it can go into remission with proper treatment.  If your mom or dad develops it, treatments can help.


Here are the treatments that your parent should look into…

Narrow Down the Triggers

Some cases of psoriasis are linked to stress.  If your mom or dad experiences stress, it’s important to work on management techniques.  Yoga and Tai Chi are two forms of exercise that help with breathing and stress management.

It can also help to cut caffeine intake, spend an hour or two enjoying a hobby each day, and cutting out processed foods and sugars.  Other triggers of psoriasis are alcohol and smoking. If your mom or dad smokes or drinks, cutting back may help.

Use Medicated Shampoos

If psoriasis affects the head and scalp, use a medicated shampoo containing coal tar or salicylic acid. These ingredients help remove the dead skin and ease the itching.  You may need to loosen the dead skin by letting the shampoo sit for a few minutes before you wash it off.


Keep Skin Moisturized

It’s important that your parent keeps his or her skin moisturized.  A moisturizer containing salicylic acid may be helpful. You’ll find suitable creams like Dermarest, Eucerin, and Gold Bond in stores.


See a Doctor

Most importantly, take your mom or dad to the doctor and ask for a referral to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist may recommend a topical treatment that helps relieve the scales and itching. If the psoriasis is widespread or topical treatments are not working, an oral medication may be prescribed.


Oral medications do have side effects.

Among the more common ones are joint pain, depression, and weakness. This can make it hard for your mom or dad to keep up with daily chores. If this happens, you have options.

Senior care professionals can be a huge help to a parent who is not feeling great. A caregiver can take care of the laundry, make beds, and prepare meals. Your mom or dad can focus on resting and getting used to the psoriasis medications. Plus, your parent gains a companion. Call a senior care agency today to learn more.



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